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Posted on by Kacy Flowers

May 2018 Business Legislation

Two states achieved important business legislation milestones during the month of May. Please see below for summaries of the new laws for entities in Utah and West Virginia.


House Bill 186
Entities Affected: Benefit LLCs
House Bill 186, effective May 8, 2018, enacts the Benefit Limited Liability Company Act, providing for the formation of benefit LLCs, which have a purpose of creating general public benefit. View the bill text.

Senate Bill 39
Entities Affected: Various
Senate Bill 39, effective May 8, 2018, changes the name of a certificate of good standing to a certificate of existence.
View the bill text.


Senate Bill 71
Entities Affected: Corporations
Senate Bill 71, effective May 23, 2018, amends the Fees, Allowances & Costs; Newspapers; Legal Advertisements title relating to the annual report requirement for veteran-owned businesses. View the bill text.

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