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Common Naming Rules for Formations & Foreign Qualifications

When a formation or foreign qualification document is submitted for filing, the filing office will perform a thorough review of the document before accepting it into the state’s records. One of the first things the state looks at is the business name

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3 Good Reasons to Include Similar Names With Your UCC Searches

When requesting a UCC search as part of a pre-funding due diligence investigation, do you ask your service provider to report filings found under similar names? What if you are self-searching using an online system, do you employ flexible

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Did Your Client Miss the Delaware Tax Deadline?

The June 1, 2016 deadline for Delaware Alternative Entities (i.e. LLC, LP and GP) to pay their annual tax for 2015 has come and gone. This year, like every year, countless entities have missed the deadline and are now delinquent

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