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CLAS Launches EntityTrak™ - Online Entity Management System

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CLAS is pleased to announce the launch of EntityTrak™, our all new online Entity Management System. EntityTrak™ delivers a one-stop, company-wide, secure repository for business entity records and data. It enables businesses to stay organized and up to date with 24/7 access to detailed entity profiles, filed documents, officer and director information, reports and more - helping them gain efficiency, maintain compliance and mitigate risk.
With EntityTrak™, users are empowered to:
  • Create Groups of Entities and View by Group
  • See Parent/Subsidiary Relationships
  • View and Update Management Contacts and Roles
  • House Business Records and Compliance Materials
  • Run and Export Reports and more!

Affordable, subscription-based pricing makes EntityTrak™ a great fit for business entity portfolios of all sizes.

Ready to see the system in action? Contact CLAS today to schedule your 15-minute system demo! 

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